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MTT 2013

Sixth International Conference on Meaning-Text Theory (MTT '13)
August 29-31, 2013, Prague, Czech Republic


The Conference will be held at Charles University in Prague.

Charles University in Prague
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Malostranske nam. 25
118 00 Praha 1

Call for Papers

The Meaning-Text Theory is a holistic linguistic theory characterized in particular by the central position of the lexicon, the primacy of semantics, the importance of the communicative structure (= information structure), and the reliance on dependencies on all levels. MTT has been extensively developed over the last four decades with respect to its coverage of linguistic phenomena and application in a variety of research fields - in particular natural language processing.

deadline extended until April 22, 2013

After MTT '03 in Paris, MTT '05 in Moscow, MTT '07 in Klagenfurt, MTT '09 in Montreal, and MTT'11 in Barcelona, this conference is the sixth in a series that aims at bringing together researchers working on MTT and related frameworks and their implementation in the natural language processing applications.

The main unifying ideas for MTT'13 are interaction and semantic motivation: interaction of different linguistic units, interaction of different levels of language, and semantic motivation of syntax, semantic motivation of collocations.

MTT 2013 will be organized in 6 Tracks:

  1. Morphology, with a particular focus on semantics of morphological categories, including non-standard meanings and usages, and interaction of morphological and lexical semantics
  2. Syntax, with a particular focus on semantic motivation and classes in government patterns, description of government patterns in dictionaries, micro-syntax as a sphere of modal meanings, syntactic phrasemes
  3. Semantics and Lexicography, with a particular focus on lexicographic definitions, semantic scopes, semantic interaction of linguistic units in texts, lexicalization of prosody, lexicalization of grammar (e.g. synonymy of singular and plural in certain lexemes)
  4. Collocations and Lexical Functions, with a particular focus on semantically motivated collocations
  5. Computational Applications
  6. Typology

The conference will be organized in conjunction with the International Conference on Dependency Linguistics to take place immediately before MTT '13. Participation in both conferences is warmly welcome.

The conference will feature a special section for young researchers to which B.A. and M.A. students are encouraged to apply.


Valentina Apresjan, Moscow
Boris Iomdin, Moscow
Daniel Weiss, Zurich


Tilmann Reuther, Klagenfurt

Invited Speaker:

Igor Mel'čuk, Montreal


Margarita Alonso Ramos
David Beck
Alexander Berdichevsky
Bernd Bohnet
Ignacio Bosque
Angels Catena
Greville G. Corbett
Beatrice Daille
Michael Daniel
Pamela Faber
Bernard Fradin
Bernardos Galindo
Kim Gerdes
Eva Hajičová
Bjoern Hansen
Boris Iomdin
Leonid Iomdin
Lidija Iordanskaja
Yury Lander
Patrick Leroyer
Leonardo Lesmo
Alexander Letuchiy
Marie-Claude L'Homme
Olga Lyashevskaya
François Maniez
Jasmina Milicevic
Sebastian Nagel
Alain Polguère
Tilmann Reuther
Zygmunt Saloni
Begoña Sanroman
Agnès Tutin
Bjoern Wiemer
Zdeněk Žabokrtský
Anna Zalizniak
Robert Zangenfeind
Anton Zimmerling