Proceedings of MTT 2007

MTT 2007

Kim Gerdes, Tilmann Reuther, Leo Wanner (eds.)


Proceedings of the

3rd International Conference on Meaning-Text Theory

Klagenfurt, May 20 – 24, 2007



München - Wien 2007



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Foreword …7

Alonso Ramos, Margarita, Wanner, Leo
Collocation Chains: How to Deal with Them? 11

Andreyeva, Sasha
Lexical Functions and Homonymy 21

Apresjan, Juri, Glovinskaja, Marina
Two Projects: English ECD and Russian Production Dictionary 31

Apresjan, Valentina
Adverbs of Small Quantity and Degree as a Lexicographic Type 47

Archer, Vincent
Using Conceptual Vectors to Get Magn Collocations
(and Using Contrastive Properties to Get Their Translations) 57

Baqué, Lorraine, Estrada, Marta
Preliminary Remarks in Favour of Integrating Prosody
into the Meaning-Text Theory 67

Barque, Lucie
The Fickle Polysemy of Emotions 77

Barrios Rodríguez, María
The Domain of the Lexical Functions Fact0, CausFact0 and Real1 87

Barrios Rodríguez, María, Socorro Bernardos, María
BaDELE3000 : An Implementation of the Lexical Inheritance Principle 97

Beck, David
Morphological Phrasemes in Totonacan Inflection 107

Boguslavsky, Igor
Do Adverbials Have Diatheses? 117

Bohnet, Bernd
Covering the Mapping from Semantics up to Morphology by Transducers 129

Dobrovol'skij, Dmitrij
Idioms: On Paradigmatic Semantic Relations 139

El-Kassas, Dina
Surface-Syntactic Constructions Controlled by Arabic ‘Psychic’ Verbs 149

Hajíčová, Eva
The Position of TFA (Information Structure) in a
Dependency Based Description of Language 159

Holden, Josh
Aspect, Mood and Tense Inflection in Dene SÙłıné 179

Iomdin, Boris, Berdichevsky, Alexander
Combinations of Probability Qualifiers in Russian 189

Iomdin, Leonid
Russian Idioms Formed with Interrogative Pronouns
and their Syntactic Properties 199

Iordanskaja, Lidija
Lexicographic Definition and Lexical Cooccurrence:
Presuppositions as a ‘No-go’ Zone for the Meaning of Modifiers 209

Jousse, Anne-Laure
Formalizing Non-Standard Lexical Functions 219

Kahane, Sylvain
A Formalism for Machine Translation in MTT,
Including Syntactic Restructurings 229

Leblanc, Sara-Anne
Description of French Idioms in a Lexical Database 239

Lesmo, Leonardo, Robaldo, Livio, Villata, Serena
Meaning Text Theory and Depencency Tree Semantics:
an Account of Underspecification 249

Levontina, Irina, Shmelev, Alexei
False Emptiness: Are So-called ‘Parasitical Words’ Really Semantic Void? 259

Liu, Haitao
Dependency Relations and Dependency Distance –
a Statistical View Based on Treebank 269

Lönngren, Lennart
One-Place Prepositions in Russian 279

Makowska, Danuta, Saloni, Zygmunt
The Polish Construction iść v sołdaty and the
Category of Depreciativity in Polish 287

Mel'čuk, Igor
Semantic Transition Rules (of the Semantic Module
of the Meaning-Text Linguistic Model) 297

Mikaelian, Irina, Shmelev, Alexei, Zalizniak, Anna
Imperfectivization in Russian 315

Milićević, Jasmina
Towards a Formal Description of Serbian Compounds
within the Meaning-Text Linguistic Model 325

Nagel, Sebastian
Dependencies within the German Noun Phrase:
Determiners and Adjectives 335

Nguyen, Etienne Van Tien
Morphological Semi-Phrasemes in Mandarin Chinese:
an Atypical Collocational Phenomenon 345

Paducheva, Elena
Causatives, Decausatives and Unaccusatives 355

Panina, Anna
Valence Behaviour of an IncepOper1 Verb in Japanese 367

Park, Jungyeul, Maillebuau, Estelle, Guimier De Neef, Emilie,
Vinesse, Jérôme, Heinecke, Johannes
Evaluating an Interlingual Semantic Representation –
Application to FTRD’s MTT-inspired System 377

Polguère, Alain
Lessons from the Lexique actif du français 387

Ptáček, Jan, Žabokrtský, Zdeněk
Dependency-based Sentence Synthesis Component for Czech 397

Reuther, Tilmann
Dissemination of Principles Put Forward by the
Explanatory Combinatorial Dictionary: Three Case Studies 407

Tremblay, Antoine, Beck, David
Word Order in Mandarine Chinese Intransitive Clauses 417

Weiss, Daniel
The Grammar of Surprise: The Russian Construction of the Type
Koška vzjala da umerla ‚Suddenly, the cat died‘ 427

Zalizniak, Anna
Some Considerations about Polysemy 437

Zangenfeind, Robert
Towards a Modified Notation of Support Verbs
(Considerations on German Material) 447

Zimmerling, Anton
Zero Lexemes and Derived Sentence Patterns 457

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